Pierre Jahan


Pierre Jahan Biography

Pierre Jahan (1909-2003) was born in Amboise, France and moved to Paris in 1932. There, he met the illustrator Raymond Gid and the photographer Emmanuel Sougez, who encouraged him to pursue photography. With Sougez, Jahan founded an association of 10 photographers called Rectangle. He was later a member of Groupe des XV, along with Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis and René-Jacques. Jahan contributed his photographs to books, magazines, ad campaigns and tour and architectural guides.  Jahan stated: “I have always been fascinated by play of light...and fate. Like everything which lies in the dark, human beings and things start a kind of drift similar to dreaming, a dream or a nightmare, which, from ecstasy to fear, opens the door to this fourth dimension, in which, maybe without really believing in it, I always lived. It is all this that undoubtedly drove me to photography. "