Allen Frame


Allen Frame Biography

Allen Frame’s photographs, neither posed nor staged, are primarily intimate figurative scenes that evoke the psychological subtext of day to day experience. The work is autobiographical, in a sense, depicting subjects who are important in Frame’s life: friends, lovers, and fellow artists. Solitary figures, elegantly framed, bring to life intimate spaces suffused with a sense of loss and faded grandeur.

While there are hints of narrative, the photographs are less about storytelling than about states of mind and the subtle shifts in atmosphere, mood, and persona in the arena of relationships. Actual locations are like sets, precisely framing the charged space between figures; nuances of gesture create a poignant mood. The situations are compressed; they describe a state of mind and a cinematic landscape of memory. Frame's photographs convey a deeply felt but restrained sense of intimacy, suffused with aspects of both desire and alienation, and hints of noir-like menace.